Marmaduke Pickthall 1930

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The Meaning of The Glorious Koran

I. The Opening

II. The Cow

III. The Family of ‘Imrân

IV. Women

V. The Table Spread

VI. Cattle

VII. The Heights

VIII. Spoils of War

IX. Repentance

X. Jonah

XI. Hûd

XII. Joseph

XIII. The Thunder

XIV. Abraham

XV. Al-Ḥijr

XVI. The Bee

XVII. The Children of Israel

XVIII. The Cave

XIX. Mary

XX. Ṭâ Hâ

XXI. The Prophets

XXII. The Pilgrimage

XXIII. The Believers

XXIV. Light

XXV. The Criterion

XXVI. The Poets

XXVII. The Ant

XXVIII. The Story

XXIX. The Spider

XXX. The Romans

XXXI. Luqmân

XXXII. The Prostration

XXXIII. The Clans


XXXV. The Angels


XXXVII. Those who set the Ranks


XXXIX. The Troops

XL. The Believer

XLI. Fuṣilat

XLII. Counsel

XLIII. Ornaments of Gold

XLIV. Smoke

XLV. Crouching

XLVI. The Wind-curved Sandhills

XLVII. Muḥammad

XLVIII. Victory

XLIX. The Private Apartments

L. Qâf

LI. The Winnowing Winds

LII. The Mount

LIII. The Star

LIV. The Moon

LV. The Beneficent

LVI. The Event

LVII. Iron

LVIII. She that disputeth

LIX. Exile

LX. She that is to be examined

LXI. The Ranks

LXII. The Congregation

LXIII. The Hypocrites

LXTV. Mutual Disillusion

LXV. Divorce

LXVI. Banning

LXVII. The Sovereignty


LXIX. The Reality

LXX. The Ascending Stairways

LXXI. Noah

LXXII. The Jinn

LXXIII. The Enshrouded One

LXXIV. The Cloaked One

LXXV. The Rising of the Dead

LXXVI “Time” or “Man”

LXXVII. The Emissaries

LXXVIII. The Tidings

LXXIX. “Those who Drag Forth”

LXXX. “He Frowned”

LXXXI. The Overthrowing

LXXXII. The Cleaving

LXXXIII. Defrauding

LXXXIV. The Sundering

LXXXV. The Mansions of the Stars

LXXXVI. The Morning Star

LXXXVII. The Most High

LXXXVIII. The Overwhelming

LXXXIX. The Dawn

XC. The City

XCI. The Sun

XCII. The Night

XCIII. The Morning Hours

XCIV. Solace

XCV. The Fig

XCVI. The Clot

XCVII. Power

XCVIII. The Clear Proof

XCIX. The Earthquake

C. The Coursers

CI. The Calamity

CII. Rivalry in Worldly Increase

CIII. The Declining Day

CIV. The Traducer

CV. The Elephant

CVI. “Winter” or “Qureysh”

CVII. Small Kindnesses

CVIII. Abundance

CIX. The Disbelievers

CX. Succour

CXI. Palm Fibre

CXII. The Unity

CXIII. The Daybreak

CXIV. Mankind

List of Surahs


General Index

Index of Legislation