(Semi) Frequently asked questions

Who uses this website?

The Quran Archive website has attached a wide variety of users including academics and non-academics that want to research texts and studies on the Quran. The project has received positive feedback from both the academic and Islamic communities worldwide.

What new does this project contribute?

The Quran Archive is the first - and currently only - project that provides:
  • Manually verified and typed texts and studies on the Quran
  • Annotated texts to help readers to search, sort and filter texts and studies
  • Page-view of all texts and studies including main matter/content, and the front/back matter
  • Bibliography, description and information on translators/authors and books that have never been published before

What are your politics and religious views?

The Quran Archive is not affiliated with any organization, nor endorse or share any particular political or religious view. The project even reserves the right to reject contributions from such parties. Read more about the project’s core value and purpose here.

Which translation do you recommend?

In order to be as universal as possible, The Quran Archive does not recommend any specific translation. However, some general statements have been added to guide the novice reader. In this regard, take a look at the page Understanding the Quran.

How should I approach the translations?

You may approach each translation and commentary in several different ways:
  1. Read the translation alone, in a linear fashion.
  2. Read the translation linearly along with the commentary.
  3. Read the translation along with the commentary, but allow the citations and cross-references in the commentary to take them to other parts of the Quran translation.
  4. Use the index and key passages of commentary to search for specific subjects of interest.
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