Online Resources

Quran resources online consisting of the best Quran websites, apps, journals and much more:



  • Tanzil - Quran Navigator:
    Mouse over the Arabic text to see an English translation or to hear recitation.

  • Al Tafsir:
    A project of Jordan’s Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, it includes Quran translations and several commentaries in both English and Arabic.

  • The Noble Qur’an:
    This site offers verse and chapter search of several English translations as well as those in a number of other languages.

  • Quran Explorer:
    Searchable by chapter and verse, it offers several English translations and a large number of recitations.

  • The Quran Project: Online searchable Quran and translations of the Quran.


  • International Quran News Agency (IQNA):
    Specialized Quranic news agency with headquarters in Tehran, Iran.


  • The Quranic Arabic Corpus:
    Hosted by the Language Research Group at the University of Leds, this site provides the Arabic grammar, syntax, and morphology for each word in the Quran.

  • GloQur (The Global Qur'an):
    GloQur is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, looks primary at Quran translations as a central medium through which Muslims across the globe today approach their faith.

  • Corpus Coranicum (German language):
    Text documentation and historical-critical commentary on the Quran, making early manuscripts accessible in text and images. The website makes available a lot of information on different Quran manuscripts, Readings of the Quran and Quran commentaries with online tools for searching and filtering. For English speakers: use a real-time website translation add-on to navigate to the right web-tool or webpage.


  • World Digital Library:
    This collaborative project by the Library of Congress, UNESCO, and libraries and museums from around the world includes an extensive archive of Quran manuscripts photographed in high resolution.


  • Journal of Qur'anic Studies:
    The Journal of Qur'anic Studies aims to encourage and promote the study of the Qur’an from a wide range of scholarly perspectives.


  • International Qur’anic Studies Association:
    Scholary association posts discussions of Quranic topics, book reviews, and notices of forthcoming conferences.


Hundreds of apps for smartphones and tablets are available. Use the search terms such as “quran” and “tajweed” to pull these up.