Help improve the Quran Archive for the languages you speak. Contribute as a copywriter to help people around the world find and search the texts and studies a little better.

How you can get involved

This project contributes to the research of the Quran by making texts and studies freely available online. You can help us fill-in-the-blanks by manually typing machine-encoded text from the scanned documents. If you come across a page and you feel that you would like to fill in the blank text field, you can type it in a text document and share it with the team behind the Quran Archive project.

Simply use your favorite text editor and type in the text without any formatting and share/send it to the team at the Quran Archive, and we’ll insure to upload it to the website. If you consider typing in multiple pages, please create a page break (or a token e.g. “## BREAK ##”) for each page, as a divider so we know what’s what.

Send/share the document via email ([email protected]).

Other ways to contribute to the Quran Archive?

Spread the word! Quran Archive is a collaborative open web project and does not have a dedicated PR department. We rely on our users to help explain the benefits of using our webpage.

Quran Archive wouldn't exist without your help and support. Thank you!