About Us

Quran Archive is an open web project and was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2020. The creator Joseph Kashi, co-founded another online Quran project back in 2008 (online), has more than a decade of knowledge and experience within the online Quran community.

Welcome to the Quran Archive website, an open web project dedicated to the growth, development and distribution of the Quran in translation, providing free access to texts and studies on the Quran.

The Quran Archive is an open project that aims to encourage and promote the study of the Quran from a wide range of educational perspectives.

The principal objectives of the Quran Archive are to promote international and intercultural understanding of the Quran, expand the volume and variety of Quranic content on the Internet and provide resources for educators, scholars, and general audiences to the Quran.

Bringing together texts and studies on the Quran, providing a simple way for students and scholars to explore the Quran. Use the Quran Archive to freely access commentaries, translations, texts and studies on the Quran online.

The achievements of this project would not have been possible without the worldwide community that has helped make this a reality. Special thanks to all the volunteers who continuously contribute, donate and sponsor the Quran Archive.


The Quran Archive project is a great way to study and learn the Quran: the central religious text of Islam. Through this project, you can easily explore and research the Quran and a variety of translations and commentaries online. The purpose and core value of the project:

  • The project is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion, and is funded solely by donations and sponsors. To ensure our independence, we do not accept government funds, directly or indirectly, or support from any private funder that could compromise our objectivity and independence. We do not embrace political causes and are non-partisan.
  • We are committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy and fairness, including and seeking resources of multiple perspectives. We recognize a particular responsibility to openness and share all available Quran resources with you.
  • Our vision is to be global, independent, multicultural and non-party political and at all times respect the rights of humans, welcome the strengths of our differences and enjoy the richness of diversity.
  • In pursuing our mission, we have no allies or enemies. We promote open access to the Quran online as an independent effort.

Read more about the project on the FAQ page.

“This approach to the holy book of Islam can open the door for new and more adequate understanding of the Quran, its role for the religion Islam, and its unique place in the history of the world today.”
— Creator of Quran Archive, Joseph Kashi