Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

and the people of Tubba‘.1
Each [of them] impugned the apostles,
and so My threat became due [against them].
15 Were We exhausted by the first creation?
Rather they are in doubt about a new creation.
16 Certainly We have created man
and We know to what his soul tempts him,
and We are nearer to him
than his jugular vein.
17 When the twin recorders record [his deeds],
seated on the right hand and on the left:
18 he says no word
but that there is a ready observer beside him.
19 Then the agony of death brings the truth:2
‘This is what you used to shun!’
20 Then the Trumpet will be blown:
‘This is the promised day.’
21 Then every soul will come
accompanied by a driver and a witness:
22 ‘You were certainly oblivious of this.
We have removed your veil from you,
and so your sight is acute today.’
23 Then his companion will say,
‘This is what is ready with me [of testimony].’
24 ‘The two of you cast every obdurate ingrate into hell,
25 [every] hinderer of all good,3
transgressor, and skeptic,

1 Cf. 44:37.

2 Or ‘when the agony of death arrives with the truth.’

3 Or ‘grudging giver.’

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