Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

26 who has setup another god along with Allah!
So the two of you cast him
into the severe punishment.’
27 His companion 1 will say, ‘Our Lord!
I did not make him a rebel,
but he [himself] was in extreme error.’
28 He will say, ‘Do not wrangle in My presence,
for I had already warned you in advance.
29 The word [of judgement] is unalterable with Me,
and I am not tyrannical to the servants.’
30 The day when We shall say to hell,
‘Are you full?’
It will say, ‘Is there any more?’
31 And paradise will be brought near for the Godwary,
not distant [any more]:
32 ‘This is what you were promised.
[It is] for every penitent and dutiful [servant]
33 who fears the All-beneficent in secret
and comes with a penitent heart.
34 Enter it in peace!
This is the day of immortality.’
35 There they will have whatever they wish,
and with Us there is yet more.
36 How many generations We have destroyed before them,
who were stronger than these,
insomuch that they ransacked the towns?!
Is there any escape [from Allah’s punishment]?
37 There is indeed an admonition in that
for one who has a heart,

1 That is, Satan.

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