Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

from among themselves.
So the faithless say, ‘This is an odd thing.
3 What! When we are dead
and have become dust [shall we be raised again]?
That is a far-fetched return!’
4 We know what the earth diminishes from them,1
and with Us is a preserving Book.
5 Rather they denied the truth when it came to them;
so they are now in a perplexed state of affairs.
6 Have they not then observed the sky above them,
how We have built it and adorned it,
and that there are no cracks in it?
7 And We spread out the earth,
and cast in it firm mountains,
and caused every delightful kind to grow in it.
8 [In this there is] an insight and admonition
for every penitent servant.
9 And We send down from the sky salubrious water,
with which We grow gardens
and the grain which is harvested,
10 and tall date palms with regularly set spathes,
11 as a provision for servants;
and with it We revive a dead country.
Likewise will be the rising [from the dead].
12 The people of Noah denied before them,
and [so did] the inhabitants of Rass 2 and Thamūd,
13 and ‘Ād, Pharaoh, and the brethren of Lot,
14 and the inhabitants of Aykah

1 That is, from their bodies when they disintegrate after death.

2 See 25:38.

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