Fazlollah Nikayin, The Quran; The First Poetic Translation (2000)

Sura 2
The Cow

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

1. Alif Laam Meem;1

2. This is the Book, without a doubt;
the Guide, For the godfearing e'er on guard,

3. Who do believe in what is Hidden,
And set up prayers and, from the bounty,
We have unto them given,
They give in charity,2

4. Those who believe in what is being,
Sent down to you,3 and everything,
Sent down before you, and have firm
And full faith in the world to come.

5. These are the truly-guided by their Lord,
And it is they indeed,
Who shall succeed.

6. Those who have been rejecters,
Whether you warn them or not warn,

1. A.L.M. such letters of the Arabic alphabet are prefixed to a number of suras of the Quran and commentators' opinions differ as to their significance. They, however, make no difference as far as the Guidance of the Quran in concerned.

2. The Arabic original means: "spend in the way of Allah, including charity, alms and the needs of the community."

3. The Holy Prophet.

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