Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

9 and the mountains like [tufts of] dyed wool,
10 and no friend will inquire
about [the welfare of his] friend,
11 [though] they will be placed within each other’s sight.
The guilty one will wish he could ransom himself
from the punishment of that day
at the price of his children,
12 his spouse and his brother,
13 his kin which had sheltered him
14 and all those who are upon the earth,
if that might deliver him.
15 Never! Indeed it is a blazing fire,
16 which strips away the scalp.
17 It invites him who has turned back [from the truth]
and forsaken [it]
18 amassing [wealth] and hoarding [it].
19 Indeed man has been created covetous:
20 anxious when an ill befalls him
21 and grudging when good comes his way
22 — [all are such] except the prayerful,
23 those who are persevering in their prayers
24 and in whose wealth there is a known right
25 for the beggar and the deprived,
26 and who affirm the Day of Retribution,
27 and those who are
apprehensive of the punishment of their Lord
28 (there is indeed
no security from the punishment of their Lord)
29 and those who guard their private parts
30 (except from their spouses and their slave women,

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