Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

Will these then have faith [if they are sent signs]?
7 We did not send [any a postles] before you
except as men, to whom We revealed.
Ask the People of the Reminder 1
if you do not know.
8 We did not make them bodies
that did not eat food,
and they were not immortal.
9 Then We fulfilled Our promise to them,
and We delivered them and whomever We wished,
and We destroyed the profligates.
10 Certainly We have sent down to you a Book
in which there is an admonition for you.
Do you not apply reason?
11 How many a town We have smashed
that had been wrongdoing,
and We brought forth another people after it.
12 So when they sighted Our punishment,
behold, they ran away from it.
13 ‘Do not run away!
Return to the opulence you were given to enjoy
and to your dwellings
so that you may be questioned!’
14 They said, ‘Woe to us!
We have indeed been wrongdoers!’
15 That remained their cry
until We turned them into a mown field,
stilled [like burnt ashes].
16 We did not create the sky and the earth

1 Cf. 16:43.

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