Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

and do not humiliate me.’
70 They said, ‘Did we not forbid you
from [defending 1] strangers?’
71 He said, ‘These are my daughters, [marry them]
if you should do anything.’
72 By your life,
they were bewildered in their drunkenness.
73 So the Cry seized them at sunrise,
74 and We made its 2 topmost part its nethermost,
and rained on them
stones of shale.
75 There are indeed signs in that for the percipient.
76 Indeed it is on a standing road,
77 and there is indeed a sign in that for the faithful.

78 Indeed the inhabitants of Aykah 3
were wrongdoers.
79 So We took vengeance on them,
and indeed the two of them 4
are on an open highway.

80 Certainly the inhabitants of Ḥijr denied
the apostles.
81 We had given them Our signs
but they disregarded them.
82 They used to hew out dwellings from mountains

1 Or, from entertaining.

2 That is, of the city of Sodom.

3 Apparently, one of the towns to which the prophet Shu‘ayb (‘a) was sent. Cf. 26:176; 38:13; 50:14.

4 That is, Sodom and Aykah.

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