Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

— except what your Lord may wish —
an endless bounty.
109 So do not be indoubt about what these 1 worship:
they worship just as their fathers worshiped
and We shall surely pay them their full share,

110 Certainly We gave Moses the Book,
but differences arose about it,
and were it not for a prior decree of your Lord,
a decision would have been made between them;
indeed they are in grave doubt concerning it.
111 Your Lord will indeed recompense everyone fully
for their works.
Indeed He is well aware of what they do.
112 So be steadfast, just as you have been commanded —
[you] and whoever has turned [to Allah] with you
and do not overstep the bounds.
Indeed He sees best what you do.
113 And do not incline toward the wrongdoers,
lest the Fire should touch you,
and you will not have any friend besides Allah,
then you will not be helped.
114 Maintain the prayer at the two ends of the day,2
and during the early hours of the night.
Indeed good deeds efface misdeeds.3

1 That is, the idolaters of Arabia.

2 That is, at dawn and sunset.

3 Or ‘Indeed good deeds remove ills,’ or ‘Indeed virtues efface vices.’

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