The Glorious Koran

By Ali Muhammad Fazil Chinoy

First Edition (1954)

The Glorious Koran

Ali Muhammad Fazil Chinoy, Hyderabad Bulletin Press, Secunderabad, India, 1954
“Foreword. In attempting to translate and compile a brief Shia Commentory in English, so far not done, reference has been made to the Urdu Commentory viz,. “Umdatul Bayan” and “Translation of Glorious Koran by late Syed Maqbool Ahmed of Delhi” who has restricted its...


Ali Muhammad Fazel Chinoy (c. 1900s) published his English Quran translation, entitled “The Glorious Koran” (with the subtitle “Translated with Commentary of Divine Lights”), in 1954, published in Hyderabad and printed in Secunderabad, India. The translation draws on the Quran translation and commentary in Urdu, bearing the same title, “Translation of Glorious Koran” by late Syed Maqbool Ahmed of Delhi and add notes from “Umdatul-Bayan”, an Urdu Quran commentary. Chinoy’s translation is published in 7 sets (or books) including inline notes and comments on moral character of different chapters and a set of appendixes primary to supply information about the central tenet of Shi’ism.

About the author

Ali Muhammad Fazil Chinoy

  • Full name: Ali Muhammad Fazil Chinoy
  • Creed: Muslim
  • Influences: Syed Maqbool Ahmed


This translation has no catalog listing in major annotated bibliographical references, published onces (Set 1-7) on the 25th December 1954.