Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

14 No indeed! Rather their hearts have been sullied 1
by what they have been earning.
15 No indeed!
They will be alienated from their Lord on that day.
16 Then they will indeed enter hell,
17 then told,
‘This is what you used to deny!’
18 No indeed!
The record of the pious is indeed in Illīyūn.
19 And what will show you what is Illīyūn?
20 It is a written record,
21 witnessed by those brought near [to Allah].
22 Indeed the pious shall be amid bliss,
23 observing, [as they recline] on couches.
24 You will perceive in their faces the freshness of bliss
25 as they are served with a sealed wine,
26 whose seal is musk
— for such let the viers vie —
27 and whose seasoning is from Tasnīm,
28 a spring where those brought near [to Allah] drink.
29 Indeed the guilty
used to laugh at the faithful,
30 and when they passed them by
they would wink at each other,
31 and when they returned to their folks
they would return rejoicing,
32 and when they saw them
they would say,
‘Indeed those are the astray!’

1 Or ‘overcast.’

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