Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

2 Rise up and warn!
3 Magnify your Lord,
4 and purify your cloak,
5 and keep away from all impurity!
6 Do not grant a favour seeking a greater gain,
7 and be patient for the sake of your Lord.
8 When the Trumpet will be sounded,
9 that day will be a day of hardship,
10 not at all easy for the faithless.
11 Leave Me [to deal] with him whom I created alone,
12 and then furnished him with extensive means,
13 and [gave him] sons to be at his side,
14 and facilitated [all matters] for him.
15 Still he is eager that I should give him more.
16 No indeed! He is an obstinate opponent of Our signs.
17 Soon I will overwhelm him with hardship.
18 Indeed he reflected and decided.
19 Perish he, how he decided!
20 Again, perish he, how he decided!
21 Then he looked;
22 then he frowned and scowled.
23 Then he went away disdainfully,
24 saying, ‘It 1 is nothing but magic handed down.2
25 It is nothing but the speech of a human being.’
26 Soon I shall cast him into Saqar.3
27 And what will show you what is Saqar?
28 It neither spares nor leaves [anything].

1 That is, the Qur’ān.

2 That is, from the magicians of old. Or ‘traditional magic.’

3 Saqar is another name for hell or a part of it.

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