Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

He has taken neither any spouse nor son.
4 Indeed the foolish ones among us used to utter
atrocious lies concerning Allah.
5 Indeed we thought
that humans and jinn would never utter
any falsehood concerning Allah.
6 Indeed some persons from the humans
would seek the protection of some persons from the jinn,
thus only adding to their rebellion.
7 They 1 thought, just as you think,
that Allah will not raise anyone from the dead.
8 Indeed We made for the heaven
and found it
full of mighty sentries and flames.2
9 We used to sit in its positions to eavesdrop,
but anyone listening now
finds a flame waiting for him.
10 We do not know whether ill is intended
for those who are in the earth,
or whether their Lord intends good for them.
11 Among us some are righteous
and some of us are otherwise:
we are multifarious sects.
12 We know that we cannot thwart Allah
on the earth,
nor can we thwart Him by fleeing.
13 When we heard the [message of] guidance,
we believed in it.

1 That is, the humans who invoked the protection of jinns.

2 Or ‘meteors.’

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