Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

[Part 27]

31 He said,
‘O messengers, what is now your errand?’
32 They said,
‘We have been sent toward a guilty people,
33 that We may rain upon them stones of clay,
34 marked with your Lord for the profligate.
35 So We picked out those who were in it
of the faithful,
36 but We did not find there
other than one house of muslims,
37 and We have left therein a sign
for those who fear a painful punishment.’
38 And in Moses [too there is a sign]
when We sent him to Pharaoh
with a manifest authority.
39 But he turned away assured of his might,
and said, ‘A magician or a crazy man!’
40 So We seized him and his hosts,
and cast them into the sea,
while he was blameworthy.
41 And in ‘Ād when We unleashed upon them
a barren wind.
42 It left nothing that it came upon
without making it like decayed bones.
43 And in Thamūd, when they were told,
‘Enjoy for a while.’
44 Then they defied the command of their Lord;
so the thunderbolt seized them
as they looked on.

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