Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

and be wary of Allah,
and know that toward Him you will be mustered.
204 Among the people
is he whose talk about worldly life impresses you,
and he holds Allah witness to what is in his heart,
though he is the staunchest of enemies.
205 And if he were to wield authority,
he would try to cause corruption in the land,
and to ruin the crop and the stock,
and Allah does not like corruption.
206 And when he is told, ‘Be wary of Allah,’
conceit seizes him sinfully;
so let hell suffice him,
and it is surely an evil resting place!
207 And among the people is he who sells his soul 1
seeking the pleasure of Allah,
and Allah is most kind to [His] servants.
208 O you who have faith!
Enter into submission, all together,
and do not follow in Satan’s steps;
he is indeed your manifest enemy.
209 And should you stumble
after the manifest proofs that have come to you,
know that Allah is all-mighty, all-wise.
210 Do they await anything but
that Allah[’s command] should come to them
in the shades of the clouds, with the angels,
and the matter be decided [once for all]?
And to Allah all matters are returned.

1 Or ‘his life.’

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