Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

15 A description of the paradise
promised to the Godwary:
therein are streams of unstaling water,
and streams of milk unchanging in flavour,
and streams of wine delicious to the drinkers,
and streams of purified honey;
there will be for them every kind of fruit in it,
and forgiveness from their Lord.
[Are such ones] like those who abide in the Fire
and are given to drink boiling water
which cuts up their bowels?
16 There are some among them
who prick up their ears at you.
But when they go out from your presence,
they say to those who have been given knowledge,
‘What did he say just now?’
They are the ones
on whose hearts Allah has set a seal,
and they follow their own desires.
17 As for those who are [rightly] guided,
He enhances their guidance,
and invests them with their Godwariness.
18 Do they await anything except that the Hour
should overtake them suddenly?
Certainly its portents have come.
Of what avail to them
will their admonition be when it overtakes them?
19 Know that there is no god except Allah,
and plead [to Allah] for forgiveness of your sin
and for the faithful, men and women.

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