Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

73 Thereat the angels prostrated,
all of them together,
74 but not Iblis;
he acted arrogantly
and he was one of the faithless.
75 He said, ‘O Iblis!
What keeps you from prostrating
before that which I have created
with My [own] two hands?
Are you arrogant,
or are you [one] of the exalted ones?’
76 ‘I am better than him, ’he said.
‘You created me from fire
and You created him from clay.’
77 He said, ‘Begone hence,
for you are indeed an outcast,
78 and indeed My curse will be on you
till the Day of Retribution.’
79 He said, ‘My Lord!
Respite me till the day they will be resurrected.’
80 Said He, ‘You are indeed among the reprieved
81 until the day of the known time.’
82 He said, ‘By Your might,
I will surely pervert them,
83 except Your exclusive servants among them.’
84 He said, ‘The truth is that
— and I speak the truth —
85 I will surely fill hell with you
and all of those who follow you.’1

1 Cf. 7:18; 11:119; 32:13.

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