Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

that we shall indeed taste [the punishment].
32 So we perverted you,
for we were perverse [ourselves].’
33 So that day they will share in the punishment.
34 Indeed that is how We deal with the guilty.
35 Indeed it was they who,
when they were told,
‘There is no god except Allah,’
used to be disdainful,
36 and [they would] say, ‘Shall we abandon our gods
for a crazy poet?’
37 Rather he has brought [them] the truth,
and confirmed the [earlier] apostles.
38 Indeed you will taste the painful punishment,
39 and you will be requited only for what you used to do
40 — [all] except Allah’s exclusive servants.
41 For such there is a known 1 provision
42 — fruits— and they will be held in honour,
43 in the gardens of bliss,
44 [reclining] on couches, facing one another,
45 served around with a cup from a clear fountain,
46 snow-white, delicious to the drinkers,
47 wherein there will be neither headache
nor will it cause them stupefaction,
48 and with them will be maidens of restrained glances
with big [beautiful] eyes,
49 as if they were hidden 2 ostrich eggs.
50 Some of them will turn to others,

1 That is, distinct and special.

2 That is, well reserved.

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