Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

and have become dust and bones,
shall we be resurrected?
17 And our forefathers too?!’
18 Say, ‘Yes! And you will be utterly humble.’
19 It will be only a single shout
and, behold, they will look on,
20 and say, ‘Woe to us!
This is the Day of Retribution!’
21 ‘This is the Day of Judgement
that you used to deny!’
22 ‘Muster the wrongdoers and their mates 1
and what they used to worship
23 besides Allah,
and show them the way to hell!
24 [But first] stop them! For they must be questioned.’
25 ‘Why is it
that you do not support 2 one another [today]?’
26 Rather today they are [meek and] submissive!
27 Some of them will turn to others,
questioning each other.
28 They will say,
‘Indeed you used to accost us peremptorily.’3
29 They will answer,
‘Rather you [yourselves] had no faith.
30 We had no authority over you.
Rather you [yourselves] were a rebellious lot.
31 So our Lord’s word became due against us

1 Or ‘their kind,’ or ‘their counterparts.’

2 Or ‘help.’

3 Or ‘obligingly.’

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