Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

This is just a reminder and a manifest Qur’ān,
70 so that anyone who is alive may be warned,
and that the word may come due
against the faithless.
71 Have they not seen that We have created for them
— of what Our hands have worked —
cattle, so they have become their masters?
72 And We made them tractable for them,
so some of them make their mounts
and some of them they eat.
73 There are other benefits for them therein,
and drinks.1
Will they not then give thanks?
74 They have taken gods besides Allah
[hoping] that they might be helped.
75 [Yet] they cannot help them,
while they [themselves] are ready warriors for them.2
76 So do not let their remarks grieve you.
We indeed know whatever they hide
and whatever they disclose.
77 Does not man see
that We created him from a drop of [seminal] fluid,
and, behold, he is an open contender!?
78 He draws comparisons for Us,
and forgets his own creation.
He says, ‘Who shall revive the bones
when they have decayed?’

1 That is, milk and other drinks derived from it.

2 That is, while the idols are unable to offer the idolaters any kind of assistance, the idolaters are ready to fight for them and defend them.

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