Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

who is further astray from the [right] way.
43 Have you seen him who has taken
his desire to be his god?
Is it your duty to watch over him?
44 Do you suppose
that most of them listen or apply reason?
They are just like cattle;
rather they are further astray from the way.
45 Have you not regarded
how your Lord spreads the twilight?1
(Had He wished He would have made it still.)
Then We made the sun a beacon for it.
46 Then We retract it toward Ourselves,
with a gentle retracting.
47 It is He who made for you the night as a covering
and sleep for rest
and He made the day a recall to life.
48 And it is He who sends the winds
as harbingers of His mercy,
and We send down from the sky purifying water,
49 with which We revive a dead country
and provide water to
many of the cattle and humans We have created.
50 Certainly We distribute it among them
so that they may take admonition.
But most people are only intent on ingratitude.
51 Had We wished,

1 This is in accordance with a tradition of al-Imam al-Bāqir (‘a) in which ẓill is explained as the light during the hours between daybreak and sunrise (see Tafsīr al-Qummī). Or ‘extends the shadow.’

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