Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

and it had been made clear to you
how We had dealt with them [before you],
and We had [also] cited examples for you?’
46 They certainly devised their schemes,
but their schemes are known to Allah,
and their schemes are not such
as to dislodge the mountains.1
47 So do not suppose that Allah
will break His promise to His apostles.
Indeed Allah is all-mighty, avenger.
48 The day the earth is transformed into another earth
and the heavens [as well],
and they are presented before Allah,
the One, the All-paramount.
49 On that day you will see the guilty
bound together in chains,
50 their garments made of pitch,2
and the Fire covering their faces,
51 so that Allah may reward every soul
for what it has earned.3
Indeed Allah is swift at reckoning.
52 This is a proclamation for mankind,
so that they may be warned thereby
and know that He is indeed the One God,
and those who possess intellect may take admonition.

1 According to an alternate reading (with la-tazūlu), the meaning will be ‘their schemes are indeed such as to dislodge (or annihilate) [even] the mountains.’

2 Or ‘of molten copper.’

3 Or, perhaps preferably, ‘so that Allah may requite every soul with what it has earned,’ which implies that deeds are identical with their recompense, or that deeds are their own recompense.

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