Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

I saw eleven planets,1
and the sun and the moon:
I saw them prostrating themselves before me.’
5 He said, ‘My son,
do not recount your dream to your brothers,
lest they should devise schemes against you.
Satan is indeed man’s manifest enemy.
6 That is how your Lord will choose you,
and teach you the interpretation of dreams,<sup2
and complete His blessing upon you
and upon the house of Jacob,
just as He completed it earlier for your fathers,
Abraham and Isaac.
Your Lord is indeed all-knowing, all-wise.’
7 In Joseph and his brothers there are certainly
signs for the seekers.
8 When they 3 said,
‘Surely Joseph and his brother 4
are dearer to our father than [the rest of] us,
though we are a hardy group.
Our father is indeed in manifest error.’
9 ‘Kill Joseph or cast him away into some [distant] land,
so that your father’s love may be exclusively yours,
and that you may become a righteous lot after that.’
10 One of them said, ‘Do not kill Joseph,
but throw him into the recess of some well

1 Or ‘stars.’

2 Or ‘the interpretation of visions.’

3 That is, the brothers of Joseph (‘a).

4That is, Benjamin.

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