Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

has certainly strayed into far error.
137 As for those who believe and then disbelieve,
then believe [again] and then disbelieve
and then increase in disbelief,
Allah shall never forgive them,
nor shall He guide them to any way.

138 Inform the hypocrites
that there is a painful punishment for them
139 — those who take the faithless for allies
instead of the faithful.
Do they seek honour with them?
[If so,] indeed all honour belongs to Allah.
140 Certainly He has sent down to you in the Book
that when you hear Allah’s signs being disbelieved
and derided,
do not sit with them
until they engage in some other discourse,
or else you [too] will be like them.
Indeed Allah will gather the hypocrites
and the faithless in hell all together.
141 — Those who lie in wait for you:
if there is a victory for you from Allah,
they say, ‘Were we not with you?’
But if the faithless get a share [of victory],
they say, ‘Did we not prevail upon you
and defend you against the faithful?’
Allah will judge between you
on the Day of Resurrection,
and Allah will never provide the faithless

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