The Qur’an

By Thomas Ballantyne Irving

First Edition (1985)

The Qur’an

T. B. Irving, Amana Books, Brattleboro, Vermont, United States, 1985
“Introduction to The Noble Reading T. B. Irving The Qurʾān is a magnificent document that has been known for fourteen...


Thomas Ballantyne Irving (1914–2002) was an Canadian-American historian, professor, and scholar, and the translator of the first American English translation of the Quran. In his adulthood Irving converted to Islam (and known as Hajj Ta‘lim ‘Ali). He published his translation of the Quran in 1985, entitled “The Qur’an: The First American Version”, deliberate in its use of American common language and idiom. The translation is readable for everyone, but to some extent devoid of literary elegance and textual dignity.

About the author

Thomas Ballantyne Irving

  • Born: Preston, Ontario (now Cambridge), Canada, 1914
  • Died: September 24, 2002
  • Full name: Thomas Ballantyne Irving
  • Other names: T. B. Irving Thomas Irving Al-Hajj Ta'lim Ali Thomas Ballantine Irving
  • Creed: Muslim


First Edition 1985; Second Edition, 1986; Third Edition, 1988. All three editions published by Amana Books, Brattleboro, Vermont USA.