Pir Salahuddin, The Wonderful Koran. A New English Translation (1969)


I thank Allah, the Merciful for enabling me to do this work. But for his Grace and Mercy this work could never have been accomplished. Whenever I was confronted with any difficulty, I prayed to Him, and invariably He granted my prayer. You alone do we worship and Your help alone do we seek.

As for men, my greatest thanks are due to M. Muhammad Ahmad Jalil, H.A., who has gone through the entire script and given very valuable suggestions. He has also worked very hard to see the proofs.

My thanks are also due to Maulana Ghulam Murshid and Maulana Hafiz, Professor, University Oriental College, whom I have been consulting from time to time.

My thanks are also due to Mr. Justice A. R. Cornelius, Chief Justice, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, for helping me in improving the direction of the translation.

My thanks are also due to Mr. D. G. Spencer, English Language Officer, British Council, Rawalpindi (1967), Mr. G. A. Leaver, Senior English Master, Islamabad Model School, Islamabad (1967-69), Khan Hameed Ahmed Khan, Vice Chancellor, the Panjab University (1963-69), A. M. Mazari, C.S.P., and Professor Kazi Muhammad Aslam for going through some of the scripts and helping me in improving its direction.

My thanks are also due to Mr. Muhammad Atique Ahmad, Mr. Muhammad Baksh Multani, M.A., and Mr. Abdul Shakoor for helping me in seeing the proofs.

Last, but not the least, I must thank my wife but for whose help, sympathy, and support this work could not have been accomplished.

May God bless them all.

1. The notes I have exchange with the Ulema run into hundreds of pages, and should be of great interest to a research scholar.

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