Muhammad Sarwar, The Holy Quran; Arabic Text and English Translation (2011)

Supplication Before the Recitation of the Holy Quran

(From Al-Kafi, Vol. 2, Ch. 58)
In a mursal manner it is narrated that abu ‘Abd Allah, ‘Alayhi al- Salam, would read this supplication before reciting from the book of Allah, the Most Majestic, the Most Holy:

“O Lord, our Cherisher, all praise belongs to You, You surpass all things in power and strong authority, all praise belongs to You, You are the Most High with majesty and pride, above the heavens and the great Throne, O Lord, all praise belongs to You, You are Self-sufficient with Your knowledge and every knowledgeable one stands in need for Your knowledge, O Lord, all praise belongs to You, O the One who sends down miracles and signs and the great reminder. O Lord, all praise belongs to You for Your instructing us with wisdom and the great, clear Quran, O Lord, You instructed us before we had any interest in learning it, You appropriated it for us before our having any interest in its benefits. O Lord, this was a favor from You, an act of extra generosity, kindness and mercy to us without our being able or having the resources or power (for such achievement). O Lord, make its reading and memorization of its verses, belief in its identical verses, and acting upon its clear verses beloved to us and a means for its interpretation, guidance in its application and insight in its light.

“O Lord, You have revealed it as a cure for Your friends, misfortune for Your enemies, blindness for those who disobey You, and a light for those who obey You. O Lord, make it a shield for us against Your punishment, protection against Your anger, a barrier against disobeying You, safety against Your displeasure, a guide to obey You, a light, for the day we meet You, to see Your creatures, pass Your bridge, and find guidance to Your paradise.

“O Lord, we seek protection with You against facing misfortune in applying the guidance of the Holy Quran, against blindness in practicing its guidance, transgressing against its rules, and against going above the limit or falling short in its rights. O Lord, carry on for us its weight, make due for us its rewards, grant the opportunity to thank You for it, and make us to look after and care for it.

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