Hashim Amir-Ali, The Message of the Qur’an: Presented in Perspective (1974)

123 O ye who have believed! Fight ye those among the infidels who still surround you let them find in you discipline; Remember, Allah ever is with those who are resolute.

124 Whensoever is recited a Sura, some among them taunt: “Who is there among you whose faith this has enhanced?” Yea! Those who faith possess, their faith it doth increase, enhanceth it their hope!

125 Those in whose hearts there lurketh malice in them it addeth rancour upon rancour until they die in gnashing infidelity.

126 Do they not see that every year they are harassed once or twice? And yet they will not come around; nor do they ponder seriously!

127 Whensoever is recited a Sura, one of them looks at another: “Does any one see you?” and then they slip away — Allah hath made their hearts slippery — they are devoid of sense.

128 Verily, there hath come to you an Apostle from midst yourselves: your sufferings pain him; yearns he for your welfare; for the Faithful he is kind, benevolent.

129 But if they still backslide, say thou “Allah doth suffice me: there is no deity but He! In Him I trust, He is Sustainer Supreme.

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