Hairat Dihlawi, The Koran (1916)

Editor’s Preface.

In presenting the first volume of the Koran in English to the public, we need no apology. It was a crying need since long, and has been all along recognised as such, by all thoughtful Muslims. The remaining two volumes we hope to bring out shortly. By the extraordinary munificence of a large-hearted, luberal-minded, charitable and zealous Muslim: gentleman named Mr. Mahomed Abdul Sattar Sahib, one of the merchant princes of Columbo, Ceylon, the whole of the English translation is now in the hands of the Printer, to whom he has already advanced the required funds. That the Muslim community can still claim among its members, such a man as Mr. Abdul Sattar, who is willing to make such enormous sacrifices, for the advancement of his dear religion, holds out strong hopes of a brighter future for Islam, notwitstanding the regrettable

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