Fazlollah Nikayin, The Quran; The First Poetic Translation (2000)


All who encouraged me and supported this project did so, I am certain, to please God only. I must, however, express my heartfelt gratitude to some of the kindest, from among many, by mentioning their names; they are:

Dr. Abdullah Jasbi, Dr. Ataollah Mohajerani, Mohammad Reza Najian, Ahmed Mokri, Jamal Sadatian, Hameed-Reza Alamolhuda, Dr. Saeed Soltani-far, S. Mojtaba Husseini, S. Masood Husseini, Mohammad Sa’id Bahman-Pour, Nader Ebrahimi, Dr. Mohammed Reza Taherian, S. Hussein Kimiafar, Hamid Morshedzadeh Tehrani, Miss Houri Sanizadeh, Hashem Taleb, Dr. Saeed Satvat-Manesh, S. Mohammad Marandi, Paul Kriwaczek, Hojjatol-Islam Mohammad Reza Nurallahian Mohajer, Mehdi Faridzadeh, and a best friend, Quemars Saberi, the proprietor of the Persian, Satirical Weekly "Gol-Agha", who was always helpful, despite his complete lack of English knowledge, for he trusted that I was doing something in the cause of God! And three Chicago-based persons, who were instrumental in setting up the Ultimate Book: Dr Nader Khorzad, Mr. Sohrab ChamanAra and my sister Nasrin Nazemi (Nikaeen).

I must also thank Mr. Mir Hussain Khan, for producing the electronic version of the original manuscript, Mr. Bob Kotlinski for final design and editing, and my wife and my younger son, Seena, for their patience during the last ten years, and my energetic nephew, Arash, for his help in many areas.

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