Fazlollah Nikayin, The Quran; The First Poetic Translation (2000)

Sura 108

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

1. Indeed We granted you 1 Abundance,2

2. Thus pray unto your Lord,
And for Him sacrifice,

3. It is your foe indeed,
Who'll go without a trace!

1. Mohammad (pbuh).

2. The pagans and disbelievers of Mecca taunted the Holy Prophet as 'abtar' ('having no male child, being unproductive, hopeless in progress'). Here God Almighty assures him of 'kauthar' ('the abundant bounties and blessings bestowed on him here and in the hereafter'). Even in the strict sense of the word, 'kauthar' is realized in the person of his daughter, Fatima (AS), whose marriage with Ali (AS), has issued numberless descendants, known as 'sadaat', who are found in every part of the world today, and, nothing remains of the enemies of the Prophet (pbuh).

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