Fazlollah Nikayin, The Quran; The First Poetic Translation (2000)

Sura 105

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

1. Did you not note the doing of your Lord,
Upon the Army of the Pheel!1

2. Did He their cunning plot not foil,

3. By sending swarms of Ababeel?2

4. That showered upon them stones of hardened clay,

5. Which left them just as chewed up hay?!

1. Or al-Fil means 'elephant'; these were the troops of Abraha, the ruler of Abyssinia, who invaded Mecca with a large army, in which were some elephants.

2. The miracle consisted in the birds (ababeel) coming in large flights and flinging stones which destroyed the whole of the Abraha's army.

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