Fazlollah Nikayin, The Quran; The First Poetic Translation (2000)

Sura 100
Snorting Steeds

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

1. By snorting steeds,

2. When striking fiery sparks,

3. That race to morning raids,

4. That blaze a trail of dust,

5. And split the center of a host 1,

6. That Man is to his Lord ingrate!

7. And he himself shall witness unto this;

8. Indeed his love for worldly gains is great,

9. But is he not aware that when
The graves shall open,
And Occupants are overthrown,

10. And all the secrets shall be known,

11. Surely is, on that Day, their Lord,
About them Best-Informed?!

1. For detailed interpretations of these oaths, one may consult with authentic, Quranic commentaries.

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