Edward Palmer, The Qur’ân (1880)

Let not thine eyes strain after what we have allowed a few pairs of them 1 to enjoy, nor grieve for them; but lower thy wing 2 to the believers, and say, ‘Verily, I am an obvious Warner.’

[90] As we sent down (punishment) on the separatists 3 who dismember the Qur’an.

But, by thy Lord! we will question them, one and all, about what they have done.

Therefore, publish what thou art bidden, and turn aside from the idolaters.

[95] Verily, we are enough for thee against the scoffers.

Who place with God other gods; but they at length shall know! And we knew that thy breast was straitened at what they say.

Then celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and be thou of those who adore.

And serve thy Lord until the certainty shall come to thee.

The Chapter of the Bee.

(XVI. Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

God’s bidding will come; seek not then to hasten it on. Celebrated be His praises from what they join with Him!

named the Seven of Repetition (sab‘h al Mathânî), from this passage, and because it is to be repeated on so many occasions.

1 The unbelievers.

2 Behave with humility and gentleness.

3 Probably referring to the Jews and Christians who are here and elsewhere accused of mutilating and altering the Scriptures.

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