Edward Palmer, The Qur’ân (1880)

for you: but they plotted their stratagems, but with God is a stratagem for them, although at their stratagem the mountains should give way.

Think then not indeed that God fails in his promise to his apostles; — verily, God is mighty, the Lord of vengeance; on the day when the earth shall be changed for another earth, and the heavens too; and (all) shall go forth unto God, the one, the dominant.

[50] Thou shalt see the sinners on that day bound together in fetters; with shirts of pitch, and fire covering their faces; — that God may reward each soul according to what it has earned; verily, God is swift at reckoning up!

This is a message to be delivered to men that they may be warned thereby, and know that only He is God, — one, — and that those who have minds may remember.

The Chapter of El ‘Hagr 1.

(XV. Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God!

A. L. R. Those are the signs 2 of the Book and of a perspicuous Qur’ân.

Many a time will those who. disbelieve fain they had been resigned 3.

1 El ‘Hagr, literally, ‘the rock:’ the Petra of Strabo, and the traditional habitation of ‘the people of Thamûd.’

2 Verses.

3 See note 1, p. 15.

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