Edward Palmer, The Qur’ân (1880)

ordained you, haply ye may be mindful. Verily, this is my right way; follow it then, and follow not various paths, to separate yourselves from His way; that is what He has ordained you, haply ye may fear!

[155] Then we gave Moses the Book, complete for him who acts aright, and a decision and a guidance and a mercy; haply in the meeting of their Lord they will believe.

This is the Book which we have sent down; it is a blessing; follow it then and fear; haply ye may obtain mercy. Lest ye say, ‘The Book was only sent down to two sects before us; verily, we, for what they read, care naught.’ Or, lest ye should say, ‘ Had we had a book revealed to us we should surely have been more guided than they;’ but there is come to them a manifest sign from their Lord, and a guidance and a mercy; who then is more unjust than he who calls God’s signs lies, and turns from them? we will reward those who turn from our signs with an evil punishment for that they turned away.

What do they expect but that the angels should come for them, or that thy Lord should come, or that some signs 1 of thy Lord should come? On the day when some signs do come, its faith shall profit no soul which did not believe before, unless it has earned some good by its faith. Say, ‘Wait ye expectant, then we wait expectant too.’

[160] Verily, those who divided their religion and became sects, thou hast not to do with them, their

1 Signs of the approach of the day of judgment.

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