Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

and the admonition would benefit him!
5 But as for someone who is self-complacent,
6 you attend to him,
7 though you are not liable
if he does not purify himself.
8 But he who comes hurrying to you,
9 while he fears [Allah],
10 you are neglectful of him.
11 No indeed! These [verses of the Qur’ān] are a reminder
12 — so let anyone who wishes remember it —
13 in honoured scriptures,
14 exalted and purified,
15 in the hands of envoys,1
16 noble and pious.
17 Perish man! How ungrateful is he!
18 From what has He created him?
19 He has created him from a drop of [seminal] fluid,
and then proportioned him.
20 Then He made the way easy for him;
21 then He made him die and buried him;
22 and then, when He wished, resurrected him.
23 No indeed! He has not yet carried out
what He had commanded him.
24 So let man observe 2 his food:
25 We poured down water plenteously,
26 then We split the earth into fissures
27 and made the grain grow in it,
28 and vines and vegetables,

1 Or ‘scribes.’

2 Or ‘consider.’

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