Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

1 By the scattering [winds]
that scatter [the clouds];
2 by the [rain] bearing [clouds]
laden [with water];
3 by [the ships] which move gently [on the sea];
4 by [the angels] who dispense [livelihood]
by [His] command:
5 indeed what you are promised is true,
6 and indeed the retribution 1 will surely come to pass!
7 By the sky full of adornment [with stars],2
8 indeed you are of different opinions!
9 He is turned away from it 3
who has been turned away [from the truth].
10 Perish the liars,
11 who are heedless in a stupor!
12 They ask, ‘When will be the Day of Retribution?’
13 It is the day when they will be tormented in the Fire,
14 [and will be told]: ‘Taste your torment.
This is what you used to hasten.’
15 Indeed the Godwary will be amid gardens
and springs,
16 receiving what their Lord has given them,
for they had been virtuous aforetime.
17 They used to sleep a little during the night,
18 and at dawns they would plead for forgiveness,.
19 and there was a share in their wealth
for the beggar and the deprived.

1 Or ‘judgement.’

2 Or, ‘By the heaven full of tracks’ (or pathways).

3 That is, from the Qur’ān. Or ‘from him,’ that is, from the Apostle of Allah.

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