Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

its keepers will say to them,
‘Peace be to you!
You are welcome!1
Enter it to remain [forever].’
74 They will say, ‘All praise belongs to Allah,
who has fulfilled His promise to us
and made us heirs to the earth,
that we may settle in paradise
wherever we may wish!’
How excellent is the reward
of the workers [of righteousness]!
75 And you will see the angels
surrounding the Throne,
celebrating the praise of their Lord,
and judgment will be made between them with justice,
and it will be said, ‘All praise belongs to Allah,
the Lord of all the worlds!’

40. Sūrat Ghāfir 2

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

1 Ḥā, Mīm:
2 The [gradual] sending down of the Book is from Allah,
the All-mighty, the All-knowing,
3 forgiver of sins and acceptor of repentance,

1 Or ‘You are excellent!’ Or ‘You have been pure.’

1 The sūrah takes its name from the phrase “ghāfir al-dhanb” (forgiver of sins) which occurs in verse 3.

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