Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

‘This is nothing but a lie that he has fabricated,
and other people have abetted him in it.’
Thus they have certainly come out with
wrongdoing and falsehood.
5 They say, ‘He has taken down myths of the ancients,
and they are dictated to him morning and evening.’
6 Say, ‘It has been sent down by Him
who knows the hidden in the heavens
and the earth.
Indeed He is all-forgiving, all-merciful.’
7 And they say, ‘What sort of apostle is this
who eats food
and walks in the marketplaces?
Why has not an angel been sent down to him
so as to be a warner along with him?’
8 Or, ‘[Why is not] a treasure thrown to him,
or [why does] he [not] have a garden
from which he may eat?’
And the wrongdoers say,
‘You are just following a bewitched man.’
9 Look, how they draw comparisons for you;
so they go astray,
and cannot find the way.
10 Blessed is He
who will grant you better than that if He wishes
— gardens with streams running in them,
and He will make for you palaces.
11 Rather they deny the Hour,
and We have prepared
a Blaze for those who deny the Hour.

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