Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

partly formed and partly unformed,
so that We may manifest [Our power] to you.
We establish in the wombs whatever We wish
for a specified term,
then We bring you forth as infants,
then [We rear you] so that you may come of age.
[Then] there are some of you who are taken away,
and there are some of you who are relegated
to the nethermost age,
so that he knows nothing
after [having possessed] some knowledge.
And you see the earth torpid,
yet when We send down water upon it,
it stirs and swells,
and grows every delightful kind [of plant].
6 That is because Allah is the Reality
and it is He who revives the dead,
and He has power over all things,
7 and the Hour is bound to come,
there is no doubt in it,
and Allah will resurrect those who are in the graves.
8 Among the people are those who dispute
concerning Allah
without any knowledge or guidance,
or an enlightening Book,
9 turning aside disdainfully
to lead [others] astray from the way of Allah.
For such there is disgrace in this world,
and on the Day of Resurrection We will make him taste
the punishment of the burning:

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