Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

the sun and the moon,
each swimming in an orbit.
34 We did not give immortality to any human before you.
If you are fated to die, will they live on forever?
35 Every soul shall taste death,
and We will test you with good and ill
by way of test,
and to Us you will be brought back.
36 Whenever the faithless see you
they only take you in derision:
‘Is this the one who speaks ill of your gods?’
And they defy the remembrance of the All-beneficent.
37 Man is a creature of haste.
Soon I will show you My signs.
So do not ask Me to hasten.
38 And they say, ‘When will this promise be fulfilled,
should you be truthful?’
39 If only the faithless knew of the time when
they will not be able to keep the Fire off their faces
and their backs,
nor will they be helped!1
40 Rather it will overtake them suddenly,
dumbfounding them.
So neither will they be able to avert it,
nor will they be granted any respite.
41 Apostles were certainly derided before you;
but those who ridiculed them were besieged by what they had been deriding.

1 That is, had the faithless known their state in hell, they would not ask for the punishment to be hastened.

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