Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

you will never find for him any guardian or guide.
18 You will suppose them to be awake,
although they are asleep.
We turn them to the right
and to the left,
and their dog [lies] stretching its forelegs
at the threshold.
If you come upon them,
you will surely turn to flee from them,
and you will surely be filled with a terror of them.
19 So it was that We aroused them [from sleep]
so that they might question one another.
One of them said,
‘How long have you stayed [here]?’
They said, ‘We have stayed a day, or part of a day.’
They said, ‘Your Lord knows best
how long you have stayed.
Send one of you
to the city with this money.
Let him observe which of them has the purest food,
and bring you provisions from there.
Let him be attentive,1
and let him not make anyone aware of you.
Indeed should they prevail over you,
they will [either] stone you [to death],
or force you back into their creed,
and then you will never be saved.’
21 So it was that We let them come upon them,2

1 Or ‘careful.’

2 That is, We let the people discover the cave where the Men of the Cave were.

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