Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

53 They said, ‘O Hūd,
you have not brought us any manifest proof.
We are not going to abandon our gods
for what you say,
and we are not going to believe you.
54 All we say is that some of our gods have visited you
with some evil.’
He said, ‘I call Allah to witness
— and you too be [my] witnesses —
that I repudiate what you take as [His] partners
55 besides Him.
Now try out your stratagems against me, together,
without granting me any respite.
56 Indeed I have put my trust in Allah,
my Lord and your Lord.
There is no living being
but He holds it by its forelock.
Indeed my Lord is on a straight path.
57 But if you turn your backs [on me],
then [know that] I have communicated to you
whatever I was sent to you with.
My Lord will make another people succeed you,
and you will not hurt Allah in the least.
Indeed my Lord is watchful over all things.’
58 And when Our edict came,
We delivered Hūd and the faithful who were with him,
by a mercy from Us,
and We delivered them from a harsh punishment.
59 Such were [the people of] Ād:
they impugned the signs of their Lord

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