Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’ān with a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation (2005)

116 And when Allah will say, ‘O Jesus son of Mary!
Was it you who said to the people,
“Take me and my mother for gods besides Allah”?’
He will say, ‘Immaculate are You!
It does not behoove me to say
what I have no right to [say].
Had I said it, You would certainly have known it:
You know whatever is in my self,
and I do not know what is in Your Self.
Indeed You are knower of all that is Unseen.
117 I did not say to them [anything]
except what You had commanded me [to say]:
“Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord.”
And I was a witness to them
so long as I was among them.
But when You had taken me away,
You Yourself were watchful over them,
and You are witness to all things.
118 If You punish them, they are indeed Your creatures;
but if You forgive them,
You are indeed the All-mighty, the All-wise.’
119 Allah will say,
‘This day truthfulness shall benefit the truthful.
For them there will be gardens
with streams running in them,
to remain in them forever.
Allah is pleased with them
and they are pleased with Him.
That is the great success.’

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