The Wonderful Koran

By Pir Salahuddin

First Edition 1969

The Wonderful Koran

Pir Salahuddin, Raftar-i-Zamana Publications, 1969
“Acknowledgement I thank Allah, the Merciful for enabling me to do this work. But for his Grace and Mercy this work could never have been accomplished. Whenever I was confronted with any difficulty, I prayed to Him, and invariably He granted my prayer. You alone do we worship...


Pir Salahuddin (b. 1915), son of Pir Akbar Ali Ferozepur, was a member of the Provincial Assembly, and prominent advocate and landlord of Firozpur district. He was in the Pakistan civil service between 1947 and 1965. Salahuddin first prepared an English translation of the Quran entitled “The Wonderful Koran”. It was published in 1969. Later, he also translated the Quran into Urdu in four volumes (containing some 2,942 pages) entitled “Quran Majid Tarjamah ma'a Tafsir”, published by Quran Publications, Islamabad, between 1974 and 1980. The Wonderful Koran has been considered as a smooth, eminently English rendering of the Quran. A unique feature of this translation is that in cases where the Arabic Text is ambiguous or contrary to theological views, interpretation or explanatory phrases from the classical commentaries are incorporated into the translation with sources indicated in footnotes.

About the author

Pir Salahuddin

  • Born: 13 december 1915
  • Full name: Pir Salahuddin
  • Other names: Pir Salahud-din Pir Salah-ud-din
  • Creed: Muslim